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RTI Control and Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

Simply put, it is the ability for people to interact – using minimal effort – with the electronics and appliances in their homes, from any location that they need; this might be sitting on your living room sofa using a hand held remote control, or it could also be using an iPad while you are away on holiday.



There are many consumer devices available which deliver some of this – thermostats which switch off the heating when the room is warm enough, apps to control your TV on your phone – but usually they do not interact with each other, and you end up with a multitude of different apps on your phone/tablet, which you still need to manage individually.



Fade is an accredited dealer and installer of RTI products. RTI is one of the leading control systems, giving you control of all your devices, where you need it, or from a single app. It is used in a range of scenarios from whole house automation to single rooms, like Home Cinemas or meeting and conference rooms. Its wide range of fantastic hand-held remote controls and the ability to completely customise the smart phone and tablet app, differentiate it from the competition. Please check out the RTI website for much more information.

RTI benefits

  • Ability to communicate with - and control - a huge range of devices like Televisions, Projectors, Music and Video systems, Heating controls, Lighting systems, Alarms, Cameras and more

  • A wonderful range of handheld and in-wall controllers

  • 100% customisable app for the smart phone or tablet. Use your own images or retain your corporate identity

  • An affordable solution, which can be updated or expanded as your needs change

We can provide RTI programming services or end to end system design and delivery. Serving customers in London, Herts, Beds, Bucks, Cambs and Northants.

Please call us now on 01234 860833 or leave your details below for a call back

Someone will be in touch soon.

Small Cloud - RTI T2i Remote Control
Small Cloud - RTI KX2 Stainless
Small Cloud - RTI KX7 In wall controller
Small Cloud - RTI Certified Dealer
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