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Residential - What we do


Planning your entertainment, security, IT and communications has become an important part of the home building process. For a modest investment you can take your project to the next level, adding value, making the property more efficient, more luxurious, a better place to live, and ensuring that it is ready for it's data hungry inhabitants.

Fade delivers the smart technology aspects from start to finish. That is; understanding your needs and creating a design, cabling 1st and 2nd fix, equipment installation and programming, documentation and user training, then ongoing support as required.

At the start of the building process, many of our clients are interested in including some smart technology, but they do not know what is available, how much it costs, or how to achieve it. That's not a problem; we will work with you, patiently, explaining the various technologies, working within your budget, helping you to decide what you need, and then turning it into reality.

Sound and Vision


Enjoy your Music, Radio, TV and Movies througout the home with all the equipment and cabling hidden away, out of sight.


Squeeze some more use out of your open plan kitchen-living room, by adding a large screen TV and proper sound system. Our systems can be so discrete that when they are switched off, you will not know they are there.

Sound and vision anchor

Home Cinema


Take your movie watching to the next level with a dedicated Cinema room.

Fade will design and install your room from start to finish, satisfying a broad range of budgets. Do not underestimate the complexity here, our experienced designer has many factors to consider

- Screen format and size

- Optimum viewing distance

- Projector positioning, resolution and brightness

- Amplification and loudspeaker configuration

- Acoustics and room treatments

- Video sources (Bluray, Sky, Streaming)

- Furniture

- Climate and lighting

- How to control eveything

Home Cinema Anchor


We install and maintain Intruder Alarms, CCTV cameras, Door and Gate Entry Systems, Video Doorbells and Smart Locks.

Our wide range of security offerings are described on our security page.

Security Anchor

Lighting Design and Control


A well thought out lighting plan can really add a wow factor to any modern home. A combination of direct and indirect light sources can make an ordinary room into a beautiful one or can elevate fine finishes and artwork into something truly special. Homes use a large variety of different lighting sources - downlights, uplights, pendants, wall lights, LED strips, floor and table lamps, exterior lights. Controlling these lights can be daunting and onurous for the homeowner.

Lighting control systems remember combinations of lights and dimming levels, which can then be retrieved at the press of a single button, or automatically based on the time of day or other activities in the home. They allow control from your phone or tablet and integration with your Home Automation system.

Our lighting control systems are suitable for domestic, hospitality and light commercial uses. We can also advise on your overall lighting design.

Lighting anchor

IT and Communications


A well planned IT infrastructure is critical for the happy running of a modern home. With computers, laptops, mobile devices and smart TVs all connecting to the internet and data streaming services, you will need a combination of wired and wireless options, as well as a good quality router and network switch.

If your home is tech 'heavy', with CCTV cameras, home automation devices or music, photo and film libraries, then the speed and reliability of your infrastructure could be the difference between smooth running and total failure.

Fade will plan, install and maintain your IT infrastructure. We serve both homeowners and small businesses. We can also assist with more complex requirements such as IP phones, remote access and VPNs, and cloud backups.

IT anchor

Professional Service

CEDIA is the international trade organisation for the home technology industry. As a CEDIA member company, we are committed to providing the highest standards of service and safety, and to develop our staff with ongoing training and professional development.

For more information please check out the CEDIA website or read their helpful guide 'Why use a CEDIA member?'

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