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Newark Bungalow Renovation and Extension

This impressive bungalow upgrade project, in a Lincolnshire village, was designed by the excellent John Morris Architects. From Fade, our security conscious client wanted a rock solid burglar alarm to protect the property day and night; we added to this, Lilin cameras covering all 4 sides of the property, and a beautiful Comelit video door entry system. For entertainment, we installed a large LG 4K TV, with Monitor Audio soundbar, subwoofer and ceiling recessed speakers, giving a fantastic TV/Movie viewing experience; music in the kitchen and around the property is provided by Sonos. A Rako lighting control system, allows combinations of lights to be controlled at the touch of a button. To ensure that everything is easy to use and extremely reliable, we installed a rock solid data and wifi network, and an RTI Home Automation system, allowing the homeowner to control everything from a single app on the iPad.

Fade - Front of property
Fade - Kitchen
Fade - Kitchen TV
Fade - Living room 4K TV mounted on brushed steel pole
Fade - Origin Acoustic ceiling speaker and Nest smoke detector
Fade - Rako light switch
Fade - RTI programmable remote control
Fade - TV and Monitor Audio soundbar
Fade - Monitor Audio soundbar
Fade - Monitor Audio subwoofer
Fade - RTI control system housed in iRoom docking station
Fade - DSC Burglar alarm siren
Fade - DSC vibration sensor painted to match the patio doors
Fade - Comelit door entry
Fade - Equipment rack
Fade - Lilin camera
Fade - Lilin camera
Fade - Audio Visual Equipment Rack
Fade - Rako lighting control system

What's special about this project:-

  • The Comelit video door entry system, allows the homeowner to see who's at the door, talk to them and then open the door, all from the garden

  • The DSC Power series alarm notifies the homeowner immediately if there is a break-in; it also notifies the installer (Small Cloud) if there is a fault, allowing us to assess the severity of the problem and take action, before anyone has even noticed

  • We spray painted all the visible alarm sensors to match the exact RAL colour of the windows

  • The homeowner can check the cameras or control the lights, all on a smart phone from anywhere in the world

  • A single programmable RTI remote control, replaces 5 other remotes (TV, Sky, Apple TV, Audio Visual Receiver and Sonos)

  • Using the RTI Home Automation system; lights in some rooms are automatically switched on when someone enters; exterior lights come on at dusk and go off at bed time; in the morning, lights gently flash in the kitchen to remind the homeowner to disarm the alarm before letting the dog out; when the homeowner goes out, lights are programmed to simulate that someone is home; a button by the front door allows all the lights to be switched off, without the need to check room by room

  • All equipment and cabling is housed in an external store room, hidden from the main house, giving a clean, modern and minimalist finish

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