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Georgian Manor House Restoration


The owners of this beautiful manor house near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, have begun to restore it througout, renovating one room at a time as they continue to live in the property. Our challenge was to deliver a modern smart home, providing the family with fast and reliable access to data (wifi), TV/Satellite, music and entertainment throughout the house. Our solution was to clear out an area of the loft, and set it up as the central 'hub'. All external services (TV, Satellite, Telephone and Internet) were connected to this point from where they could be distributed all over the house. Cabling was then run from the hub to each room. Equipment for the data network, TV distribution and Sky Q is stored in an IT rack in the hub, keeping the main house clutter free.

The main challenge for this project was finding ways to run the cables back to the technology hub, without spoiling the period features. This involved; chasing out channels in walls, installing the cables then redecorating; pulling up floorboards and hiding cables beneath; running cables through the cellar and loft spaces.

The house now includes:-

  • a Home Cinema room, including a huge 75 inch Sony 4K TV, Yamaha AV receiver and 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Monitor Audio speaker system, all controlled with an RTI Home Automation system and programmable remote control.

  • a TV in the drawing room which is hidden (when not in use) by a framed art print, which rolls out of the way when the TV is switched on.

  • a robust and reliable wifi network which covers the whole house, made up of a Draytek router and multiple access points.

Fade - Georgian Manor House Restoration
Fade - Snug before
Fade - Snug after
Fade - 4K TV Sonos Playbar and Sub
Fade - 75 inch 4K TV
Fade - Equipment rack
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