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Bedford Village Upgrade Project


This smart home solution needs no description from us; take a look at the photos and here's what the homeowner had to say....

"Fade AV helped us when we renovated the ground floor of our house, just outside Bedford. They installed a fantastic multi-room Sonos music system, with hidden ceiling speakers and separate sub-woofer bass speaker. They also extended our wifi to cover the whole house including the garden. We now have great music and wifi everywhere we need it. Fade always showed up when they said they would and completed their work quickly and will no fuss or mess. The project has been completed for a while now, but they are always happy to assist if we have any questions or need help. Thoroughly recommended." - Sunny Sonpal

Fade - Kitchen
Fade - Dining room
Fade - Sonos and Draytek Wireless Access Point
Fade - Ceiling recessed speakers
Fade - TV and Data Sockets
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