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Keyworth Remodelling and Renovation Project


Our ambitious clients have completely renovated and remodelled this Nottinghamshire village property. Fade AV designed and installed a whole house cabling infrastructure, giving the clients music, TV, Film and internet access wherever they need it, both inside and out. We hid all the cabling and equipment in a cupboard under the stairs, leaving the house clean and clutter free.

Fade - Keyworth before
Fade - Keyworth after
Fade - Open plan living
Fade - Equipment rack
Fade - B&W Ceiling Speakers
Fade - TV and Subwoofer
Fade - Monitor Audio and DSC
Fade - Keyworth Lightwave
Fade - TV
Fade - Keyworth Home Cinema
Fade - Keyworth Data Point
Fade - Floor box first fix
Fade - Keyworth Floor Box In Wall

What's special about this project:-

  • In the living room, to prevent unwanted sound travelling through to the bedrooms above, we decided not to use ceiling speakers, and instead used discrete and beautiful Radius Cubes from Monitor Audio; plus an active subwoofer for bass

  • Video from 2 Sky boxes, an Apple TV and a Blu-ray player are distrbuted to the TVs using a Wyrestorm 4x4 HDBaseT matrix, which utilises the Cat 6 data cabling

  • Our client used his own office style floor boxes to store and hide the power, data and TV connections at each TV point

  • Great value LightwaveRF light switches provided one touch mood setting in the large kitchen/living/diner, and time controlled, automated lighting in front of the house

  • A DSC Power series alarm provides rock solid security

  • The project was delivered to a tight budget. We even used cheap Ikea shelves, to house all the audio/visual equipment!

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